“Your translation of the opening pages of ‘World Creation Recipes’ is very accurate and subtle. To be honest, I had no expectation that this very Soviet story could be adequately conveyed in English. Thank you!”

Andrei Filimonov, author, “World Creation Recipes”


“To be honest, I could not have imagined that the translation would be completed so quickly and be of such quality. Some phrases, in your translation, sound even better and more interesting than they do in the original … You approached this work seriously, and the result has exceeded all my expectations.”

Alicia Matrenitskaya – author of the graphic novel “Dark Shadows of God”


“Excellent and beyond all my expectations.”

Boris Karpa – historian, translator, and client


“Richard, thank you for your translations! This is a tremendous work! You have managed to convey the meaning very accurately while preserving the literary character of the text. I hope that thanks to your efforts we will gain new listeners from English-speaking countries. Once again, thank you very much for your efforts!!! Nothing is in vain!”

Alexey “Tambov Folk” Pavlov – leader of the folk-rock group Skolot


“Your translation is brilliant. The expressions that you use. You perfectly understood my language. And the small jokes are all there. Your writing is amazing; nothing is left out, nothing added. Richard, thank you also for your invaluable help in writing the synopsis.”

Stanislava Miodushevskaya – author