Andrey Filimonov

I am actively seeking a publisher for my English translation of Andrey’s novel ‘World Creation Recipes’. Andrey himself holds the foreign rights.

Poet and fiction writer Andrey Filimonov (b. 1969) is a native of Tomsk, the 400-year-old “Athens of Siberia” and center of White Russian resistance during the Russian Civil War. Andrey studied philosophy before training as a journalist. His poetry and stories have appeared in Nestolichnaya literatura, Antologiya russkogo verlibra, Sibirskiye ogni, Vavilon, and elsewhere.

Andrei Filimonov’s novel World Creation Recipes is a literary quest in the labyrinth of family history, winding from Paris to Sibir through the entire twentieth century.

Members of the author’s family were ‘ordinary’ people. They included traitors and heroes, emigrants and communists, victims of Stalin’s purges and informers for the Soviet secret police. Uncle Vasya died on the stage of the Bolshoi Theatre; the young White Army officer Volodya was on the losing side in the battle for Crimea against the Bolshevik forces. None of them talked about their lives. All they left behind was a pile of letters preserved in the family archive.

World Creation Recipes is Andrey’s second novel. Both this and his debut novel Manikin And The Saints were nominated for the Big Book and National Bestseller awards. Andrey was also nominated for the NOS prize, and World Creation Recipes won a Reader’s Favourite award in the Big Book prize competition.

A sample translation will appear shortly on this page; it is already available, on request.