My business experience

For thirteen years, I worked with the consulting firm Deloitte and its predecessor Arthur Andersen, as an International Tax Specialist. My areas of expertise included:

  • Transfer pricing technical and operational issues
  • Risk assessment
  • Strategy and management of HMRC audits
    • Dispute resolution
    • Interface between clients and HMRC
  • Intellectual Property
  • Design & delivery of training
  • Public speaking
  • Support for Deloitte’s transfer pricing teams in Moscow and St Petersburg
    • including elements of all of the above

For nine years, I worked as an International Tax Specialist in HMRC. My core functions included:


  • Offering consultancy services, strategic direction and technical support on business model optimisation, transfer pricing, and Permanent Establishment enquiry cases across a range of industries
  • Developing transfer pricing approaches to intangibles planning arrangements and avoidance schemes
  • Leading for HMRC in the conduct of litigation cases
  • Acting as Competent Authority (an official authorised to deal on behalf of HMRC with counterparts in overseas tax authorities)


  • Devising & delivering national programmes of training in transfer pricing and business model optimisation for HMRC officers
  • Working in Moscow for several weeks on OECD secondments, delivering training programmes to Russian tax officials in tax treaties and all aspects of international tax


  • Advising Ministers on two Finance Acts